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About our agency

We create projects which help a business to develop their value.

Why Porta?

Originally from fr. porte, it. porta โ€” ยซdoorยป

We open the door to your customers through digital to your brand. In each project, we aim to achieve deep user engagement through understanding and awareness of the true needs of the target audience. We come up with ideas that help create this connection between your brand and your audience, and strengthen it for many years to come.



We study the business, goals and objectives of the client, analyze processes, find problems and opportunities for development. We understand how we can be helpful and form a development plan.


Working with our client, we assimilate the values, the philosophy of the brand and, as a result, bring creative solutions that push the brand to increase.


We believe that the main elements are the details. Development is impossible without very meticulous work on the details, which we have put into it.

Story of creation

About four years ago, I joined IT. My career started with project management, I had ready projects and a startup theย For them, I organized the design and development teams as well as the marketing departments. I created brand concepts, thought about functionality and design.

My start was with practice, not theory, it’s a complicated but effective way. When I got new information, I immediately applied it in actual projects. It helped me to gain a lot of experience to work with your business. At that time, the focus was on long-term big projects that I am working with to this day.

The potential and success in other products helped me to create I created a project that will help and support the competence of people who took the risk to create their own business. We are developing and ready for projects of different types of complexity in all areas of digital. Our agency is 3 years old and during this time we have created the philosophy and values that we bring to the world.


Liubov Krivenkova CEO

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