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How do we create startups and high-load services?

Pre-project analysis

At this stage, you are in contact with your account manager, who will accompany your application from the moment of receipt until the signing of the contract.

At the beginning your requirements are processed by our team. Requirements can be presented in any form: in the form of a finished statement of work, a brief with a list of key requirements or simply an idea for your future software product.

In the course of processing the requirements and refining the details, a project concept with a brief description of the functionality is prepared, which is supplemented by our ideas and suggestions based on our experience. Thanks to intensive communication with us, you will be involved in the process of formalising the requirements to the maximum extent possible, and all your wishes will be taken into account as a result.

In smaller projects, we do not charge a fee for assistance in formalising the requirements. For projects of a larger scale, we offer the services of the terms of reference development. The result of the pre-project analysis is a documented project concept with a brief description of the functionality, assessment of the budget and implementation period, as well as a proposal of the optimal model of cooperation. In addition, we will prepare recommendations for the selection of a stack of technologies

Product development stages

We make large projects, the development of which cannot be evaluated by the description in two paragraphs. Therefore, we offer an order processing scenario that reduces time and resources on both sides.


Typical scenario for starting work on the project:

β€’ A client sends brief information about the project, describes her or his idea.

β€’ We make a rough estimate showing the order of prices and terms.

β€’ The client confirms that she or he is satisfied with the price order.

β€’ The contract for the development of the terms of reference is concluded. The cost is 2 000€ and the term is 1 month.

β€’ The studio works together with the client to develop a technical specification, the purpose of which is to ensure that both the studio and the client understand the project in the same way and that there are no undescribed requirements for the product being developed.

β€’ We give an accurate assessment of the project in terms of timing and cost.

β€’ The client confirms the calculation.

β€’ The contract for development is signed.

β€’ Product development is started. Weekly iterations are conducted with demonstration of intermediate results to the client. Project management systems allow the client to see intermediate progress between iterations. The MVP product is launched within 2 months (closed launch) to check the ideas and adjust the goals of the project.

β€’ All remaining tasks are performed.

β€’ Final acceptance.

β€’ Certificates of work performed.

β€’ Launch of the product.


Our project managers work at a fixed monthly rate, which is determined by the percentage of the cost of the development team.

Development team business models. We can connect the models according to the need of the participation of developers in the project.


Methods of payment to the team:


Hourly time and material payment (with budget limit).

This method of payment is used in the development of complex projects when the final scope of work is unclear and requirements change frequently. This model is suitable for you if you are going to develop a product without a detailed technical specification and want to specify a budget limit for the implementation, to support and develop a product (development of new functionality, bug fixes, etc.).

With this model, we record the hourly rate of specialists, as well as determine the weekly number of hours required for work on your project. You can choose the number of hours necessary for your project depending on the current situation.

In the work on the model with hourly payment we use time trackers to control the development process and record the time spent on the tasks. We use tools where a customer can see the status of execution of each task, read developers’ comments, control the terms of execution of tasks, etc. Thanks to this, we can make changes in tasks during the development process, combine flexibility and budget planning.

The hourly fee is high: if the hourly rate is 20€, the monthly cost per employee is 22 days x 8 hours per day x 22€ = 3 876€. A team of 5 people will cost 19 360€ a month.


Monthly full-time payment.

We guarantee you the established employment of employees for a fixed monthly fee. Payment is made monthly, in fact, the time spent is fixed in the project management tools. This model of cooperation requires prepayment. The amount and conditions of the advance payment are considered on an individual basis. This model gives the opportunity to make changes in the task during the process of development, to increase the team composition to reduce the project implementation time.

With this model, the team will cost you 7 000€ to 8 000€ per month.


Long-term partnership.

The model is optimal if you need a secure team in order to develop a new or existing software product over a long period of time. We will help you find the proper team for your needs.

Your team will consist of highly qualified developers and analysts. These teams are called “remote development centers”. We use special tools in our work to control the development process and time spent.

The benefits of working with us:

β€’ It’s not necessary to rent of premises, purchase of the software;

β€’ Absence of staff overheads related to development and motivation;

β€’ All members of the team have experience and necessary skills to implement complex tasks;

β€’ Ability to participate in the selection of team members;

β€’ Control with the help of project management tools;

β€’ Protection of intellectual property and NDA. We sign the NDA at the stage of project evaluation and transfer all rights to the software product and its source code to the customer;

β€’ We agree on the timing of the work and select the best financial scheme for the collaboration.

Source code management

We use Github to effectively manage the code base of the software we develop. In hourly models, we usually provide access to the source code. A fixed price model specifies the stage of development after which the source code is passed on to you.

Approximate cost

The average cost of a team depends on the scheme of work with it 8 000€ per month.Β 

The approximate cost of launching an MVP is 13 000€.

The approximate cost of the full version is 45 000€.

The cost of further support of the project is from 300€ to 10 000€ per month, depending on the required team and the planned tasks.

The cost of services fully depends on the complexity of the work and is calculated on the basis of the time spent on the project. The exact price is indicated after approval of the terms of reference. For large projects development of the technical project – 2 000€.

Terms of development

On average, a project of any complexity is made in 4-5 months, after which it can be launched;

On the average, the first version (MVP) of any project is made 1.5-2 months, after which it can be run in closed access;

In 100% of cases, after MVP launch, the product requirements change.

If the product development period is 5 months and the cost of the team is 7 000€, the project cost is 35 000€.


Our team consists of professionals in the field of development and project management. We start with the financial evaluation of the project, make a detailed work plan and keep track of time in the process. We use the most modern and relevant technologies and methodologies to solve your problems.

On the basis of defined goals we form a lot of separate tasks, which are engaged in by our specialists. We apply the Agile approach, which allows us to obtain results with high frequency and intensity. This allows us to cycle through and improve the product. We use Trello for task setting and Time Tracker for time tracking and reporting.


We use the full stack of technologies necessary for the development and scaling of modern projects. Developers are selected into your project depending on the selected stack.