Development and management
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We refine and improve the finished products

We provide a project manager who can evaluate your product and form a technical team for you to develop and maintain the project, ensuring safety and implementation of new functions.

There is no team

Help in forming a development team in the office or remotely.Β 

Update the current status of the project and its functionality, documentation and make a technical audit.Β 

Create a road-map of the project development, select a suitable technical team and project to it.

There's a team

We provide management and optimization of the existing team. We will help you to check the current state of the code, evaluate the quality.Β 

We will eliminate the risks of project development in cases when the project documentation is not conducted or the whole project is concentrated on one key specialist.

There's a part of the team

If an employee who is important for the project leave it in not proper time, we will help you to find a specialist who will complement your team as soon as possible.Β 

We will implement it in the development and establish a teamwork.Β 

The team under our control is β€”

β€’ Support and development of your project.

β€’ Introduction of NDA documentation and author’s order agreement into the team.

β€’ We will audit the code and existing infrastructure, functional and load testing.

β€’ We will eliminate the problems with scalability.

β€’ We analyze the current solution, determine the complexity and options for maintenance.

β€’ We collect data, analyze the business requirements and participate in the formation of terms of reference.

β€’ We define the technological stack, deploy the necessary infrastructure, write server and client code.

Tell us about your product

We will consult on your product and your team.

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