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Advisory services for investors

Our highly qualified developers and technical consultants team provides full-service IT consulting services for various business areas. We support you at each stage of your digital software development transformation.

We employ development teams

Technical analysis of your project

Consulting and risk reduction

Pick a technical team

Periodically, portfolio companies have problems with the technical team: the need for specialists, lack of skills or the need to quickly scale the team up. We offer ready-made technical teams for the project, as well as individual specialists to strengthen or replace part of the current team.

Scaling allows you to flexibly manage the speed of development, while retaining the ability to manage team costs.


Technical check-up

If you doubt the successful outcome of your project, our specialists will analyze technical part of your project and prepare a document with information about the current state, readiness, relevance and security level of the project.

In addition, the document contains a list of technical problems and suggestions for improving the system.

Consulting and risk reduction

There are more and more unfinished projects in which the launch date is shifted by weeks or even months. Such projects lack competence.

Our specialists are ready to analyze the current status of the project and develop an action plan that will take the project to a new level, will allow it to start and develop. We will be able to share our experience, tell you about the nuances that will save you money and months of work.

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