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Project management outsourcing

Optimization of development management allows you to meet deadlines and budgets and launch quality projects. Our company provides project management outsourcing services.

We're organizing the processes...

The IT project management process is the process of planning, organizing and assigning duties and responsibilities for project development.

Control + -

We monitor the implementation of the project, the deadline, the planned budget framework and the quality of work performed. We calculate the possible risks and their impact on the speed and quality of work. Thanks to the multilevel system of quality control, your software product will work stably, without failures and defects.

Communication + -

Day by day project management. Development requires a large volume of both internal and external communications. Everyone should get the necessary information about the project progress in time.

Management + -

We define priorities, set tasks, ask for execution and provide feedback. We organize regular meetings with the project team and monitor the implementation of the work plan for both the project and each team member.

Reporting + -

The project manager manages the project team, takes care of the budget, development plan, answers all your questions, prepares reports. Financial reports, terms of reference, project schedule, progress reports on product development and work done.

The team + -

The manager fully assembles the product development and support team: backend and frontend specialists, UX/UI designers, etc. We cooperate with recruiting agencies, so the recruitment team will be fast and high quality.Β 

We undertake all obligations on selection of specialists and formation of the team. We carry out the selection of CVs and preliminary interviews.


Personal manager

A personal project manager is appointed for your project. The project manager is your contact person for the entire duration of the product. All managers have a technical background and work in conjunction with engineers.


We use various project management tools to ensure that the timing and cost of work is as transparent as possible for our clients. Our company operates according to a flexible methodology (Agile).


As a result, the customer receives a product ready for sale and use. With us you will be able to launch your startup without distractions from the existing business. We are always able to take the lead in the project and give the client the opportunity to get involved only in the key points for coordination, eliminating micromanagement.

High performance

The team you already know well under the guidance of the project manager will be a reliable partner in supporting the project.

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