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Social media

Creative concepts

We generate creative ideas to promote the brand in social media and select ways to deliver this content to the target audience.

Community management

We will maintain an account, add content, communicate with subscribers. Our work format is convenient for the client — all processes are automated.


Every month we prepare a report on the results achieved, analysis of work and plans for further development for you.

Opinion leaders

The participation of bloggers allows us to maximize the activity of the advertising campaign, which means the highest degree of audience confidence in your business.

Our services

You pay for the time of the team that will work with you (account manager, SMM specialist, marketing specialist). The cost of our services starts at €350 and is limited only by the promotion plan.

Advertising budget

If you want to get the best result from working with social networks, you need to put in the cost of advertising budget.

Working with bloggers

If you want to use social networks as an effective tool, we recommend that you plan this work with a budget of €400 or more.

Branding and promotion in Instagram & Facebook

  • Monthly management
  • from 350€
  • • Making a content plan
    • Content design development
    • Photo content creation and branding
    • Shooting and editing video
    • Looking for bloggers for collaborative PR and/or advertising
    • Organization of actions, contests
    • Setting up and managing official advertising for Facebook and Instagram
    • Weekly account audit
    • Getting new subscribers

Work plan

We will choose an effective community concept for your business, develop a quality content plan and design publications. The SMM promotion campaign developed by professionals will help to attract and retain clients, as well as make marketing investments profitable.


We will develop a plan that details how social media marketing will be integrated into your business. Our goal is to help you find your own unique and effective way to promote yourself.

SMM goals

Social networks offer endless opportunities. They affect virtually any area of business and are used to strengthen brand recognition, engagement, leadership generation, customer support and much more.

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